Portugal is the destination of excellence for health tourism, with a wide range of top quality medical services. This tendency has been increasing in recent years and originally began when patients started traveling from Northern Europe.

One of the great examples of this trend is people traveling to the Algarve from the UK, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Finland, where they enjoy dental tourism and wellness in this easy to reach region of Southern Portugal.

Main Reasons to travel to Algarve:

· Everyone speaks English
· Amazing weather with breathtaking scenery
· Marvelous beaches and beautiful golf courses
· Budget-friendly and safe.

Today’s strangers are tomorrow’s friends! Explore the mountains, castles, cathedrals, delicious cuisine and much more to connect with the deep culture and traditions the Algarve has to offer.

The Algarve is one of the most accessible destinations in Europe with most well-known, low-cost airlines serving Faro Airport.

Whether you are coming from just a short flight from London or overseas from Canada, we can recommend a wide range of choices for your accomodation.

Why would one travel into the unknown, when the Algarve is so closeby?

The secret is out!

Dental Medicine is a very fascinating and complex field. Fortunately, now that the world has become seemingly “smaller”, quality has never been so accessible to those seeking a perfect and self-assured smile!

In fact, traveling and knowing the most important facts about a destination is nowadays quite easy, so there is no reason for misconceptions! By the way: those looking for an economical and friendly country with ultra-competent Dental Medicine should already know where to go.

Are you looking for a clue?

    • Which country has given the world such valuable innovations as the All-on-4 treatment concept (same-day dental implants)?
    • In addition, what European territory has seen its Faculties of Dental Medicine selected by a growing number of foreign students?

It is no longer a secret that Portugal has some of the world’s best Dental Medicine, both in terms of practice and education. Anyone who visits the Algarve can witness such sophistication, adaptability, and excellent quality. The best part is, of course, that you do not have to pay as much as in other places!

Albufeira: so much more than meets the eye

By now, you have already heard of the Algarve and you believe you know what is waiting for you in this paradise in southern Portugal. Even so, there is much more to enjoy in Albufeira apart from the great beaches and wonderful golf courses.

Let us take a break from the clichés and (re)discover this city by the sea, where the lively nightlife coexists with a beautiful historical legacy. If you like architecture, you should know the Arabic name of this location meant “Castle of the Sea”.

Fortunately, the sea and Islamic traditions are still present. Have you noticed the busy life of the fishing boats? And have you been to the traditional rooftop of these white houses? Getting to know Albufeira is going after its secrets!

And if the ruins of the Paderne Castle (represented in the Portuguese flag) fail to impress you, then spend some time with nature, whether playing with dolphins or enjoying some birdwatching.

Tired of so much excitement? Then sit at the table and enjoy the wonderful aroma of the typical fish and seafood from the region, or have a taste of the spicy Guia chicken. The best part of it? You will never feel alone!

Whether you speak English, French, German or any other language, the atmosphere is open to new friendships and to the sharing of big smiles and outstanding memories. With so much to do in Albufeira, you will even forget about the beaches!

Developed by: Manuela Rodrigues