Speaking of dental surgeon Cris Piessens is to make reference to one of the most notable names in the history of European dental implant surgery.

A quick read of the high points of his career would be sufficient to certify the value of a truly unique life course. After earning a degree in dental surgery from the Université Libre of Brussels medical school, the owner of the Cris Piessens Clinic sought to deepen his knowledge of the field of implantology, following the teachings of Professor Chantal Malevez – one of the pioneering authorities of the specialty, as well as one of the professors that had left a mark on the academic course of the young Belgian.

Having had the privilege of assisting in the surgical procedures of Professor Chantal Malevez, he has made a point of focusing on the benefits of continuous training, characterized by his presence in courses and training programs that took him from his home country to such cities as Vienna, for example, (having attended the first course in surgery given by the first biocare Nobel) Amsterdam, and Los Angeles.

A polyglot, traveller and always apt to expand his personal horizons, Cris Piessens performed his first implant surgery in 1987. Today, thirty years later, he has become an indisputable authority in this field.

Enchanted by the virtues of southern Europe, and taking full advantage of his linguistic skills, he came to the city of Albufeira – in the heart of the Algarve – where he chose to develop a clinic that has offered since 1992, the most sophisticated oral treatments, bolstered by the latest technology and the most recent advances in scientific training.

This is an oral health space that – in conjunction with minimally invasive procedure protocols in the field of implantology (such as the well known All-on-4) – has pioneered the development of a room exclusively equipped for surgical procedures.